Friday, April 30, 2010

Ready to go..

Just finished packing all the things he needs to bring. 


toughcookie said...

i shouldn't be telling you what to do but i would definitely like to share my opinion based on my past experience, if it helps.

i just think that a wife shouldn't be worrying too much about what the future lies for her because simply put, a wife's place is right next to her husband. whatever it is - career choices, etc., i just feel that a wife should accompany the husband especially when he's sent abroad to work, be supportive to his decisions and keep the family together.

i've seen some marriages that still stand strong although the husband works far away from home but i've seen more that crumbled away because wife prioritises her career more than her family. yes, i am a modern woman in many ways tapi my mindset agak conservative when it comes to this, since i myself is married 2nd time. go back to basic - wife's role and duties.

i don't know what's your current decision but i hope this opinion helps.

taknak memandai-mandai because tak patut meddle in people's affairs tapi tak tahu kenapa i just feel i need to write this. hope i have not offended anyone.

Che Sue said...

leaving on the jet plane.. r u ready for this nanti?

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...
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Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Kak J, you have not offended me at all! Your opinion is most appreciated by me. :)
I am planning to go there, but I do need to settle certain things first. For example, the schools there and most importantly HOSPITAL.

Yes, I agree that a wife should be beside a husband.

Thank you for your advice. I do need opinion from others and it was good of you to tell yours to me. Thanks again..

Che Sue- nope, I am not ready!

Doria Robert Kawen said...

so u r leaving too?

tapi yelah..mana boleh tinggalkan boyfriend,kan...