Sunday, April 18, 2010

My day was made..

Event 1
I was going down the stairs after my last class for that day when Mustaqim, a boy I taught last year when he was in Form 2 came up to me and called me.  I looked at him and there was something about his smile that was instantly contagious..I, myself, started to smile and there we were looking at each other much to everyone's amusement at the bottom of the stairs.  Well, the two of us were rarely in good terms. He never handed in his homework, or brought his textbook and always did his oral assessments half-heartedly and he would always tick me every chance he got . Me and my monstrosity...what more is there to say?  Cut to the chase, "Teacher..," said he and handed me a stalk of white carnation which made me lost for words, literally!!!!  All I could say to him, with a humongous smile on my face was, " Ohhhh .. (gasping and digesting what was happening )'re so sweeeeeeeeeettt!!!!!!! " I looked up at him and he blew me a kiss and walked away.  I could hear the girls yelping which made me bloody proud of myself for getting a carnation from him, even though I knew it came from one of the flower pots along the corridor.  He made me feel like a celebrity all over again after my previous stint as Victoria Beckham.  That was it...he made my day!!!

Event 2
Recently, my addiction to grace the dance floor has emerged from within and I have been pestering my husband to fulfill his promise to build me a dancing room complete with a high tech sound system and a disco light in the center where it would serve as my sanctuary.  Then, upon hearing " Meet Me Halfway" by Black Eyed Peas, a darn sexy song that could put me to orgasm, my third child started to shake her booty!!!  "Mum, dance.." 
That was what I did there we were, the two of us shaking my bedroom floor for my husband's and two other children's eyes only. That child could really dance as she tried to follow my moves..elephant moves.. They were cheering and laughing... I felt like a dirty pole dancer with my mini-me.  She got my moves baby, Amat had better watch this child!  So, I guess I don't need a dancing room after all..

"Can you meet me halfway?
 Right at the borderline..
 That's where I'm gonna wait for you..
 oohhh...aahhh..I can't take any further than this..
 ooohhh...aaahhh...I want you so bad it's my biggest wish.."


Anonymous said...

hehehe..soo suwit..i wish i have the guts to dance nowadays! hohoh..bergegar segala2nyer kang..!

Doria Robert Kawen said...

wahhh...dah ada secret admirer rupanya..jaga2 amat apis....she's hot at home and at sch too!!
Hehehe...yeah..aku pun dah lama tak menari-nari...good idea...:P