Saturday, March 6, 2010


I have been going back and forth, front to back, up and down and all around trying to figure out how I can add another blog that I have been passionately following into my blog list to end up unsuccessful..

I have 2 posts still on the drafting stage and still  there  not improvised and another one more in my HTC (others have Blackberries and gladly refer to that piece of communication tool by its name, so not wanting to be left out, I shall refer to my Taiwanese 'baby' as such, by its birth name..haha)

I have around 100 exercise books not corrected.

I keep on typing around with a 'g' making it aroung...I have been Terengganunized.

I love my plastic money and intend to keep it although my husband has been trying to persuade me into becoming a debit card junkie.  My debts are manageable Babes, don't you worry..and yes, NO MORE diamond rings which means I only promised not to buy rings but never about diamond bracelets..

I need to mellow son caught me swearing on Facebook and that was bad!!!!

I love my students...I really do. No need for help there though, just a thought passing by since tomorrow is a working day.

I need to learn how to agree with what I disagree and to keep my mouth shut sometimes and not blurt out even though I may think that I am right.



Fely said...

Alright Scarlet, There are two ways of adding a blog into your bloglist.
Number 1 -
a) In your dashboard, look at the left that says Blogs. There should be a sub-title immediately under that that says 'All blog updates'. Look under all that list and you should see two buttons that says 'add' and 'manage'.
b) Click on 'add' and there should be a pop-up window that says 'Step 1: Add Blogs to follow'.
c) You can add the url manually or if you have clicked on 'Follow' on the blog that you want to follow, you can select 'import from Google reader'.
d) Click on 'Next' and it will take you to another window 'Step 2: Following Options'.
e) You can follow publicly or anonymously, you choose.
f) Voila, you're done.

Number 2 -
a) In your blog main page (where you publich your posts, you have 'My blog list' under your 'Followers'. There is a 'tool' icon on the bottom right and click on that.
b) You should see a popup window that says 'Configure blog list'.
c) Scroll to the bottom and see 'Add to list'
d) You have two options - 'Add by URL' where you type the blog add manually or 'blog i'm following' for blogs that you're already following.
e) Click 'add' and voila!

Hope these helps!

Doria Robert Kawen said...

hooray for Fely!!

hey rose..betul ke you hv been terengganunized?hehehe..that's funny!

oh well,gv it a break dear..enjoy ur 1 week break,k.
love u!