Friday, March 19, 2010

Victoria Beckham vs Me

There is this frenzy about Madame Posh Spice that makes me literally insane. Yes, I do have to admit that I admire her sense of fashion which she cleverly manipulates to cover her lack of beauty; but what is with all the hype about this woman that what she eats...oppss...or more precisely doesn't eat, to the bunions on her foot could even make headlines??? As I think my life is just as colorful as hers and I deserve the same attention from the paparazzi, therefore, to amuse myself I think I am going to use this impending insanity to compare myself to Queen B and let's see who wins the polls...

stands at 5'7 but her weight cannot be determined because when she steps on the scale it doesn't move to any number.
stands at 4'10 and carries the weight of an elephant.
Mdm. Posh wins for height but Mrs. R wins for having more F.A.T -> flesh and t*ts
(mine are original so hers don't count at all). So, it's a tie there.


she has got more money than she could have ever imagined. With Beckham signing for LA Galaxy the cash just keeps on coming in.
I used to have at most RM 15 in my BSN account. Now, I have more than that and even more than I could have ever imagined. I am a millionaire too, still having Rp 3 500 000 in cash from my previous Indonesia trip.
When a person says 'more', it is actually very subjective to me because is there a standard measurement to compare something as being more than other things? 100 gold coins could be more for A but 10 gold coins could also be more for B. So, I say we strike a match again because comparing myself 10 years back to now, I have much more than I could ever expect even if it is not by Victoria's or other people's standard.
So, it's 2-2.


married to the David Beckham, a footballer who is famous for his mouth watering six packs.
married to En. Amat, an engineer who is also famous for the one pack on his abs ( it's mouth-watering to me..???) and his packs of Marlboro and also his sense of humor.
3-3. Hey,nobody says their husband is better than mine!!!!!

her husband is undoubtedly known to be one of the richest sports personalities, but that is in terms of finances though.
her husband is wealthy in terms of health. In his 13 years of employment, he has only taken 10 days off for being sick, never gone for operations for work hazards and if you convert his salary into certain currencies like Korean Won, Indonesian Rupiah and Vietnamese Dong, I could also claim him to be a millionaire.


she graces the covers of many magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Tatler etc, is on the wall of many teenagers' bedroom and also has her own fashion label and designs her own clothes.
I am the pin-up star on my fridge which to my children is like a magazine because you can also get juicy things out of it. Well, about designing, does telling your tailor how you want them to tailor your baju kurung count as designing??
We both are equal in terms of being pin-up stars because my objective is for my children's eyes only as opposed to her, who wants the whole world to see. So, it's a tie there. But, since she is a designer who has celebrities wearing her label unlike me who has only me wearing what I like, therefore, I admit defeat.
I have to say it's 5-4. Darn!!

3 lovely boys named peculiarly.
1 lovely boy taking his name from the Koran, and 2 gorgeous girls named in Arabic. Hahahah...I got the girl she wanted..
Rosfida wins for being able to have boys and girls. So it goes back to a match.

In conclusion, both Miss VB and Miss RAS are at par with each other based on the reasons given. That was fun...Hence, what I should learn from this is to never underestimate myself because everyone is different and has their own weaknesses and strengths. Maybe next time I shall try to compare myself with Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor...hehehe...I am definitely of no match to her..FYI, I am nowhere close to having any access to limitless funds of taxpayers’ money to purchase 74 bags of shoes and clothes in LA ..(hey now, isn't that where Beckham is employed??)
Oh ya, before I forget, I can smile more than Miss Posh babes..;)

No offence, this is my plain ramblings for today.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I have been going back and forth, front to back, up and down and all around trying to figure out how I can add another blog that I have been passionately following into my blog list to end up unsuccessful..

I have 2 posts still on the drafting stage and still  there  not improvised and another one more in my HTC (others have Blackberries and gladly refer to that piece of communication tool by its name, so not wanting to be left out, I shall refer to my Taiwanese 'baby' as such, by its birth name..haha)

I have around 100 exercise books not corrected.

I keep on typing around with a 'g' making it aroung...I have been Terengganunized.

I love my plastic money and intend to keep it although my husband has been trying to persuade me into becoming a debit card junkie.  My debts are manageable Babes, don't you worry..and yes, NO MORE diamond rings which means I only promised not to buy rings but never about diamond bracelets..

I need to mellow son caught me swearing on Facebook and that was bad!!!!

I love my students...I really do. No need for help there though, just a thought passing by since tomorrow is a working day.

I need to learn how to agree with what I disagree and to keep my mouth shut sometimes and not blurt out even though I may think that I am right.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Period Stopped Since I Was 20, That's Why It's Hard For Me To Conceive!

I just finished reading a friend's blog about her Aunt who gave rather disgusting comments about her having only one child and the assumption she made that being a plus size contributed to this matter.  It made me stroll down memory lane when I faced the same situation 10 years ago.

I have a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which put my menstrual cycle to a halt and increased my weight leading me to be obviously obese or "a beast" as some may put it. (a cute one, however) Without having my periods, there was in fact no way that I would be able to conceive; to add salt to wound, the 75 kg on me made it even harder. So, we went to a clinic for a consultation and I had my heart shattered when the doctor boldly told me, "No, there is a 90% chance that you will never have your own kids!"

After I married Ahmad Hafiz, we decided to let nature takes its own course concerning us having children.  We did not want to hurry ourselves and the fact that I was automatically protected against pregnancy, did not disturb us too.  It was 3 months after marriage that relatives and friends started badgering us with questions about me not being pregnant.  I got a little emotional about it but decided to keep my cool and maybe the questions would probably stop.  Unfortunately, it never did but it got even worse with them giving me hurtful remarks that I wish not recollect.  My husband, seeing that I was upset decided to tell them about my PCOS which in turn reduced the comments to a bearable state and left me happier.

Sometimes, it does not hurt to ask why?  Couldn't have all these people just ask me why I still haven't conceived?  Yes, curiosity may kill the cat, but when it is satiated, it may keep one quiet.  When I hear that friends do not have children after many years of marriage, I would ask why ( not to everyone lah...orang yang kita close to) because I have had the same problem.  It is not because I want to pry into people's privacy and become a busybody, if I could help or offer support in any way then I would.  And now, friends do ask me which gynae I went to, what medication I was put on, how much it costs and how long did I have to wait until I got my children.  It gives me great joy because by answering all these questions I can support them the way I needed support before and on top of it, my success story could give them a strand of hope. By being open, we may gain empathy from those who were in the dark about our condition, but above all, at least they would not assume ridiculous things about me like intentionally not wanting children, sayang badan sebab takut jadi lagi gemuk etc etc..

But then again, some people may not just understand one's condition and start giving opinion that we would not want or sometimes, they act more knowledgeable  than a doctor just because they did not face any obstacles in conceiving!  Hell to them..God gave us a heart to have sympathy towards each other and not for us to put on a cold front. We have be understanding of people's lack of fortune rather than criticizing it and making it sound as if one deliberately wanted to be infertile.  Questions concerning sensitive issues should be made in the most delicate way and not sound so casual and when people do decide to open up their hearts to you, accept whatever you hear and refrain from giving remarks like, " Hmm...pelikler, macam macam sakit yang ada...ada jugak orang macam you ye.."   Therefore, get to know what your threshold limit is in accepting the differences and uniqueness of others before you decide to trod on the unknown.

So...dear friends, newly married or not, fret no more!!  God has a purpose in testing us and the reward will be greater than what we might have expected.  Now, as I look at my three beautiful, mind wrecking, Barney, Barbie and Ben 10 loving shu mai dumplings, I can never stop counting my blessings.  God is great.