Thursday, February 11, 2010

Never Judge Someone Till You Know Them!!!

As I was flipping through the contents of a magazine I confiscated , I noticed this one article concerning Sarimah Ibrahim. It was about her navel being exposed when she was running in one of the episode's of Asia's Biggest Loser. 

Now, are these journalists so drained of ideas that one's navel managed to make a headline in the magazine? So what??? It's just a navel and if you deem it as wrong,'s her own cross to bear. Yes, I understand that as a Muslim woman, showing certain parts of the body is a HUGE no-no..( I will not dwell into religious issues) but it is completely unfair to convict one as a so-and-so simply for the way they dress.  Clothes do not necessarily make a man, a man! 

I am not sure if any of this is relevant to you, but have you ever smiled sincerely at someone,  from a mile away, only to be greeted with a stare so sharp and a smile so fake that would put Victoria Beckham's infamous pout to shame? If only looks could kill, I would have been dead a thousand times!!! And  how does it feel when it comes from a person who dresses according to what is accepted by the society and the religious viewpoint? Why is it that they are always regarded with the highest of respect as opposed to one who lives by the motto "If you have it flaunt it"? 

Take this situation into consideration. There are some people in my school who gossip a lot more than URTV and HELLO magazine combined and get away with it only because they wear an XXXL sized Hijab on their XXS sized frame.  And English teachers are always frowned on because they are the noisiest bunch who know how to have fun and wear vibrant colored materials and who are so direct in their speech but never hold grudges. The latter is always the best victim to despise.  

The point is , although some of us do not wear clothes the way we should, it does not make us less human, or a lesser person in which the same goes for people who wear the veil and cover their bosoms,  that is not a criterion that would make them more saintly than the rest of us.  What we should be looking at is the inside of that person rather than the outside because in some of my experiences, those who are daring in their dressing are much much friendlier and more open to the diversity of the human behavior. However,  let's not forget to give credits to those who do dress appropriately and are also very nice indeed. This just shows the clothes that covers one body is not responsible for  any misconducts done by the person but rather the attitude of the person him/herself. 

So, let us get to know a person well enough for us to pass judgement  based on what that person really is rather than generalizing him/her based on the outfit that he/she dons. 


Doria Robert Kawen said...

totally agreed!u know la msian busy body and nosy too.and everyone will talk about the sarimah's navel..u'll see.hehe.
well,some ppl are so not open-minded and just being dumb,i guess.
when i wear a skirt,knee length,in my new sch,i think the senior teachers' eyeballs r popping out..thehehehe.. come on,i'm not naked,k and yes,i dont like to wear kurungs.:)

Fely said...

That is so typical of the majority of Malaysians. I remember when I was still engaged to Nick, and we were in KL for a mini holiday, the pakcik taxi driver asked me why am I with an orang putih man!!!?? Aiyo!!!

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

It is very difficult eh to please people..everything we do is wrong unless it is done their way!!!Payah..payah..
Doria,senior u jeles kot..
Fely,next time just say "size matters,Pakcik!" offense just joking!