Monday, November 23, 2009

A Surprising Surprise.

I recently had an enormous argument with my dearie over the fact that he did not get me a birthday present again this year. At first, I  managed to keep the feeling inside at the core of my heart but when he apologized for not getting me a card although he searched high and low during his lunch break, I  felt dejected and unappreciated among other things.  How could he have spent only 2 hours of his lunch break to look for a card when he could have started doing so 3 weeks prior to my day knowing how accommodating the area of Kerteh and Paka is when it comes to looking for nice things?  He could have bought me the card the week before as he was in KL on a meeting trip or even on the way back as KL has sooooooooooo many beautiful birthday cards available even in 7-Eleven.  Couldn't have he made the effort then? It is not as if I was asking for a Ferrari Boxter, a simple card was all required to put a smile on my face and to light up my day.

My mind kept telling me  it was wrong that he couldn't even buy me a simple card although we have had small tiffs over the same matter previously and that it was more so wrong that while I was still hurting inside, he could just completely ignore the feelings I had, thinking that we had resolved this issue!  How hard could it be to just appreciate your wife with a simple card?? It doesn't even cost as much as a diamond ring from Tiffany's!!  So,  two days after my birthday, this feeling that kept nagging inside of me erupted like Krakatoa with me  pouring out all that I felt  by saying that I was under appreciated and that he constantly took me for granted when I have done so much for him and for not getting my birthday card is not a small issue for a lady who has given him children and to leave her urban lifestyle for a life in Kerteh where it is so mundane that everything dies after the last ray of the sun is too much a sacrifice that doesn't deserve to get unnoticed!

Much to my surprise, things took a different twist.  Our anniversary was just a week after my birthday and I had learnt to expect nothing from him  through our last spat in order to secure my frail feelings from being hurt again and for the fact that I hate having arguments with him, who is the savior of my soul.   On that day after he came back from work, we simply exchanged anniversary wishes and loving kisses in the bedroom where I was busy on the Net and I had prepared to expect nothing, not even a card.  I returned to the computer and had the urge to ease myself.  As I turned back heading for the loo, there I saw it, this extremely large hamper containing a whole lot of beauty products  including a perfume I was eyeing  just a day before, was right there on his working table.  I just couldn't believe my eyes, went over to it to inspect the details of the hamper and much to my surprise, there was a card with beautiful and simple words from his heart confirming that the hamper was for me,  for my 9th year anniversary!! Now, that's what I call a surprise. Something totally unexpected was expecting me!

I thanked him by showering him with a million kisses and he could definitely see how estatical I was.  When I told him that I wasn't expecting something at all , he simply uttered, it was his intent and that it was all part of the unexpected surprise.  He does have a point there..come to think of it, if my birthday and anniversary gifts are handed to me on the dot exactly when I was expecting it,  where is the  element of  surprise  there? Next year, on my birthday, I shall be expecting that unexpected surprise even if the feeling is torturous!!!  Or...hmmm...based on past years track record..maybe NOT! Who knows? ;)

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