Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stupid Drivers!!!!

I love a bit of a challenge every once a while and I get mine from driving.  Having said that,  driving in Terengganu is one of the greatest challenge I have had so far!  I thought KL drivers were those to be intimidated by, well folks, you haven't encountered those in Terengganu yet! ( Mind you, I am not referring to the local Terenganus, but drivers in Terengganu as a whole, tak kiraler dari KL ker, Penang ker, Johor ke, Zimbabwe ke.but as long as you are in Terengganu).

Today, I was head of the line on the main road waiting for my turn to enter the school compound when this colleague of mine gladly cut my queue and went on in disregarding an oncoming motorcycle.  Now since we were heading for the same destination which was just a spit away and for the fact that she was only behind me, did she honestly think that her punch card would not turn red by being earlier than me for a mere 2 micro seconds..helllooooooo!!!! We were 20 minutes damn late already..funny isn't it, this mentality of some drivers.

Second,  I have this automatic sleep mode programmed inside of me when I drive because when the wheels turn less than 80km per hour, there it goes, on the dot, sleepiness  would creep zealously throughout my entire body paralyzing my limbs!!!! So, being on the FAST LANE..mind you which is on the RIGHT HAND SIDE would totally be my domain unless I see another vehicle that is going faster than mine, then I would go to the LEFT LANE which is TO MAINTAIN SPEED or TO DRIVE SLOW.  So, drivers out there, if you are feeling rotten for the day and need to drive at a murderous 30 or 40 kmph, kindly proceed to the left lane and not the right!!!!  And BTW, when someone gives you a double flash, it is only intended to inform you that you have been driving like a drunk snail for the past 5 minutes on a fast lane and not to initiate any fights!!

Still on the topic of being on the lanes, I think every car manufacturers have included signals in each of the cars that they have produced. Therefore, GODAMMIT, please use your signals when you are going to switch between the lanes.  I have to say that I am one of the unfortunate ones to not have ESP that would enable me to read your minds or the ability to see in the future and predict when you might want to go into the lane that I am in already.  It is just dangerous to suddenly cross over into another lane when another car is in a close distance without signalling others and even if you give the signal, please allow a 5 second grace period before you go into the lane.  Ini tak, dia ingat dia kasi signal dia boleh terus masuk depan kita..Silly, selfish schmucks!!

But what irks me the most is those who come out of a junction and drive slower than death itself.  Even if a car is speeding at 50 kmph, the impact it has when it bumps into another car is just unfathomable considering the lack of speed.  Watch National Goegraphic and just look at how that dummy's head fell off..and this is no laughing issue. Hmm..I think I'm lost for words..but I think you would know how the feeling is.

We are all payers of the road taxes and not one single soul can claim that the road belongs to their spouse or father or mother...well, unless you are Samy V's kid or wife of course..So, kick the habit of driving at your own ease when we have simple rules that we can abide to, to fit the individual drivers.

p/s Biler park kereta, diaorang nih suka sangatlah makan dua petak...kalau kereta dia besar gajah takper juga..but when you take half and half of each parking lots, susah tau orang lain...B****,****,*****..etc etc..Puas hati!


fiza said...

ahahahaaa...biasa la tu fida. drivers are all the same regardless where they are (except org yg bercakap ni..hehe). that's y la my hubby kate. "i dun think i know u anymore once u touch d steering wheel". sbbnye...masuk kete je menyumpah org...:)

Doria Robert Kawen said...

that's true! aku kalau tak henyak minyak tu sampai 100kmph..aku tak tenteram.yelah..but then I am still a good driver u know..
fiza, aku pun sama, menyumpah seranah je..hihihi..stress kot kita ni?