Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Deal Gone Wrong..

I was interested to buy a piece of land measuring at 1764 metre square as an investment property which would cost me RM 80 000 in which, I consider cheap as compared to my 611 metres square land  that I bought for RM 52 000 to build my house.  With the land, I planned to divide it into 2 pieces that would measure up to 880 metres square each and get a hefty pay check out of it .  Unfortunately, my plan had turned into ashes today after a humiliating negotiation with the owner.

Now, for a small scale teacher like me, where would I foot the money to proceed with my purchase if not from a loan?  To make things worst, my broker told me that the man wanted 10% upfront to seal the deal.  I agreed to it although it would leave a huge hole in my pocket so I requested for the booking fee to be reduced to a more affordable 5k if it was possible.  Just this afternoon, I received an SMS from my broker saying that Hj Jalil insists that I pay the initial 10% and that the rest of the payment be made within 3 months and to my horror the offer of RM 80k is only valid until the end of the year.  With me intending  to take up a government loan and the efficiency of the government officers up there, I knew that 3 months would be impossible with the whole process that was due to be involved.  The application itself would take me a week, to send it to Putrajaya would take another and for the evaluators to come would take up to god knows how long, not to mention the processing of the loan itself were the RM 80k was deemed feasible but if not, then I would have to plead the remaining of it from both my hubby and my eldest sister.  So all in all,  I would need at most,  4 months to pay it up.

I called Hj Jalil myself to ask for his kind gesture to consider my position and lack of cash fund.  At first, he agreed on the minimum amount of RM 5k be paid in a week which brought a smile to my face thinking that I had managed to secure the land with the price tag on it.  After that, he asked how I intended to pay the balance and how long it would take me to do so and after telling him about the whole processes of the loan, he laughed and said that I had misunderstood him.  He said, "the price of RM 80k is only valid until the end of the year" meaning, that I would have to come up with the money by the end of the year and if  I failed to do so, the price would differ exactly on the 1st of January 2010 despite having paid the booking fee to my dismay.

He kept on telling me on how much he would lose with the current budget review on land ownership and the tax incurred on him yadda, yadda, yadda that bored me to death.  So, to cut to the chase, I told him to reconsider his decisions and to allow me to pay within 4 months with the price of RM 80k but he was adamant with the terms and conditions that he had set.  That's when I saw the prospect of the land being mine going into its early demise, so being one who would fight to my last breath, I thought of using reverse psychology on him. 

With that I said, 
" Tuan Haji, I know you are not desperate for money, and that you are tremendously fortunate to receive God's gift of wealth as opposed to me who is still struggling to accumulate mine." 
He cut off my words and said with a pride that was huge enough to put America, Canada and South America to shame.
" True, true, I am not desperate for money. Alhamdulillah ( Thanks to God!), Alhamdulillah, He has given me immense wealth" 
I said " I am just a humble teacher, so would you..." 
My words were cut off again with him saying,
'' So, you KENALAH kerja keras lagi! ( Therefore, you HAVE to work harder!)"  

And that brought out the devil in me and instantly like She-Ra, I was in the fighting mode! How dare he say such a thing? Does he think that teachers don't work hard enough to make ends meet? Are we that low in his eyes? However, when I started to say, " Haji ingat saya tak kerja keraa.."  He cut off my words again (too coward I guess to hear the truth of his cockiness be revealed bluntly to him) by saying, "Assalamualaikum." and instantly that man hung up on me!

So there goes, my 1764 metres square piece of land gone and my pride slightly dented.  I didn't mind him not wanting to succumb to my wishes, but for him to be so arrogant with the wealth he has and to look down on penniless creatures like me is something heart-wrenching.  Well, to look on the bright side, I managed to save RM 80k in the long run and he managed to earn none.  So I guess, I can still afford the Honda City I've been eyeing on for ages next year...haha, maybe not for I'm stingy with money, you see! 

This is my plain ramblings for today.


Erni said...

Sabar je laa pakcik tu...
Well, sometimes things happenned for a reason, maybe that is why we could consider some difficulties as “blessing in disguise”, right?
BTW Fida, I can be reached at my e-mail: or

Fely said...

takper...besok lusa nanti ada lagi tanah on offer, you never know, kan?