Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sighing, sighing and more sighing and that is what I have been up to lately! With the impending school holidays and the loads of unsettled paperworks, the form 4 analysis to be handed in to the JPN this Thursday(!!!!) while still 4 more classes out of the 6 haven't even submitted the marks to me, another round of chasing after the teachers to fill in the mark sheets without being hated for, time is extremely quickly catching up on me and I feel breathless!!!

I have been so busy that I have neglected my entire family and the worst is that I haven't been you know what with hubby dearie (will make up to him with some  mind-blowing ehem ehem some time next week..I hope) and I just love him for putting up with me, my tantrums and for having raised my voice at him due to the stress I am facing now.  Babes, you know I appreciate you a whole lot and I love you to bits for all the patience you have and for sticking by me especially through all the times when the monster wqithin me reveals itself. THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU INFINITY!!!

Just the other day, I came back from my PMR meeting exhausted.  When I reached home, all I wanted to do was to shut myself out from the outside world and that is what I did exactly. I locked myself in my room and ignored everyone inhibiting my house, putting on a deaf ear to the bickerings and squabblings among the three children I produced.  3  hours later, when I was ready to face the earth, I saw my girls lying on the floor asleep in front of my bedroom  door and my boy watching over them. When I asked him why they were all there, he answered innocently  "Iman and Khalida missed you and wanted to wait for you.  I was taking care of them because when Ayah is not around, I'm the boss and I have to take care of everybody, right?"
Aaaaahhhhh...my three little munchkins.  Even at this moment, I am missing them dearly even though they are just there on the bed not 2 feet away!

Gotta go to sleep...I am starting to string whatever words I can think of and don't know if I can make sense of myself.  Have to put on those running shoes tommorrow and forget the stilettos because there is gonna be some intensive chasing that I would have to do. Hope I get all the marks ..Goodnight, Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!!


amaluddin d che' mat said...

hahahahahaaha someone feels tired???

don't worry.....

coz white town is in segamat...!!!


Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Eh..eh..adik kesayangan ku! Jgn lupa call akak ok..nanti kita set a date!