Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fiza's Recipe...

I was reading Fiza's blog the other day and I saw her post a recipe on a cheesecake.  It looked easy to make and I had the urge to try it.  Although the ingredients weren't extravagant unlike the ones I typically do but it sure tasted wonderful and was much easier on the cash flow!  A very simple recipe that  produced such a divine taste with a creamy texture that suited my palate well.  

However, since I did not know what base Fiza used, I decided to use a base  that I made on my own. The base was a chocolate cookie base which I added some walnuts to it.  Don't ask for the exact measurements because I only had my instincts to guide me through  but be sure to use enough butter to bind the base perfectly as opposed to what I did that resulted in a rather crumbly base.  Since I had some leftover blueberry filling from my previous order, I smothered some on the cookie base before pouring the batch of cream cheese over it and there were some left for the topping too. The result was a heavenly piece of cheesecake!!  So, thumbs up Fiza, for your recipe and thanks a bunch!!!

Into a square tin.

Having a steam bath.

The end result.

Nothing beats having a cheesecake laced with the exquisite taste of Kona coffee.


fiza said...

there u go...told u it was nice, wasn't it?! so byk ke dpt order cuti2 nih? i got a few for aidil adha...1st time!! kinda nervous la baking for orders...heee. blk sg tu kalu, call ek. perhaps we could share more & more recipes!! happy hols!!

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

You know what, it was a hit among my taste testers..ada yg kata sama taraf ngan secret recipe..but I altered some ingredients though.Instead of yoghurt, I used sour cream. Same measurement.
Oreders takdak...mokcik nok rehat...heheheh