Friday, November 20, 2009

The Beginning of the End..

After 11 months of struggling and educating, the tears and the laughter from both teachers and students, today finally marks the end of the year's school term with the beginning of the final semester break. The cheers and chatterings of the students while they wait for the bus to ferry them home, teachers walking by hurriedly doing this and that to finish off what is left of their year long assignments, tense and stress are almost visible unlike how it was 11 months back.  

However, while one should be happy with a relaxation period of almost 45 days, the world does not seem too, ironically.  It was raining heavily today..the heaviest so far this year and it happened on the last day of school, it was as if the world was crying with us teachers..Yes, for a teacher, his/her life is for the students and for students, their future depends on the teachers. I weep silently in my heart simultaneously with the falling of the raindrops although I have a wide grin on my face as I wish my students well while I was lovingly embraced by them for the final time this year.  I shall miss them, their antics, their stubborness, their laziness apart from their attentiveness, their respect and their co-operation.   Well, hope to see them again next year..woah...another year of struggle and pain and tears and laughters and the list goes on and on...ooooohh  no!

Guess I shall stop missing them now and focus and enjoy this rare oppurtunity to be rid of them. Hehehe. Happy Holidays all teachers out there.


Jay said...

Enjoy your holiday.

Erni said...

Hi Fida!!

Will you be coming back to your mum's house this school holiday? Perhaps we can meet up and spend our time together..Insyaallah kalau tiada aral melintang. Let's watch New Moon nak tak since you said you like vampires. That's only suggestion je la. BTW, don't forget to e-mail me ya..I had left my e-mail add in your previous ramblings.

Doria Robert Kawen said...

Happy Holiday friend!!
So..busy baking? Buat kan aku biskut ke..for my xmas celebration..memang dasar tak malu muka aku ni,kan.
Anyway, kalau balik sg tua, salam rindu kat uncle and aunty and semua and that cotton candy Khairi!