Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

I asked my dearie if I could spend a whole week at my Mam's house in Sg. Tua before we head back to his hometown in Segamat so I could bring the kids on excursions here and also for the fact that I wanted to fulfill my insatiable lust for shopping to which he agreed.  I should be elated, him not being around to curb my ruthless spending ways giving me full authority to just shop, shop, shop and bring the kids around. 

He went back to Kerteh last night and today I was supposed to start my sessions of retail therapy, however, somehow I was feeling a bit low so I did not go out.  The only highlight was when I brought the kids to the swimming pool for a dip under the mild sunlight.  Qayyum can now swim without his floats, Iman is confident to be in the water that she has allowed me and her Alang and Uncle Chu to let her go and Khalida is a daredevil now and is fearless that she jumped in the pool expecting us to catch her, and not only that she is contented just bobbing up and down in the water like an apple in a tub. (wearing her floats, of course)

The kids have now retired and I am my own company.  I should be planning what I want to do tomorrow, where I want to go, what I want to buy but all those seem meaningless to me because I am yearning for him, my dearie!! Although having a girl's day out is a normal occurrence  back home in Kerteh, but at the end of the day, I know that I would be at home reaching out my arms to him when he returns from work. But today, my arms are vacant and no one else can fill in that void except for him.  I am aching, my heart is breaking!!! I miss him so...

It is ironic that I was the one who wanted to be here, now I only want to be there with him.  My life isn't complete today, I have got my children, my bundle of joy but it is incomplete without him, the savior of my soul, the pillar of my family.  Babes, I love you..just so you know!

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