Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Joy of Being a Teacher...

It is not easy being a teacher although people have this distorted perception that this profession is easy peasy; it is NOT!  Not only do you have to be academically prepared, you also need to have that human touch which is not something that you can learn, it is either you have it or not because it comes naturally.

I think I am a horrid teacher, the least popular and officially not a favorite among students because my students don't open up to me for when I try to dig up secrets from them, all they do is clam up unlike other teachers who manage to scoop all these sensational stories that could make it to the front page in the national newspaper.  I was also informed once that my students are afraid of me and they always say that I am very serious..that being the reason why they are petrified of me.  You would never see a student coming up to me to share a giggle, or even get the pastries or cakes or cookies that they have just baked whereas some teachers would get bunches of flowers that could fill a whole garden.  See, would you not believe that I am a horrid teacher?

But two days ago, just before the PMR which is commencing now, something happened to me which changed my thoughts on the type of teacher I am.  As I was busily keying in the marks for the recent OTI examination analysis, I was interrupted by my PMR students who came to seek for forgiveness and also for me to give my blessings to them and also for the knowledge that I have imparted to them. Not just one came, but ALL the girls from the 2 classes that I teach. As they came up to me, their eyes became red from stopping the tears that nearly came down so I took them in my arms and hugged them but what touched my heart was the tightness of their embrace and as each of them asked for my forgiveness, I could feel them hugging me even tightly and it was then that they started to cry when they said to me "Teacher, I really love you!"  Oh, how I strained to keep those tears back to maintain my icy cold reputation but I failed at my own frail attempt when a boy came to me with his tears welling up and said to me, "Thank you teacher, you are my favorite!" 

To have female students crying is a normal sight, a normal occurrence but to have a male student trying not to cry and acknowledging you is just magical and refreshing and also enlightening.  Although I may not be the most popular teacher around, I can surely say for myself that I have succeeded in touching my students' lives, something that not all teachers can be rest assured of!  And that is the greatest joy of being a teacher, to touch people's lives.


Doria Robert Kawen said...

U r not horrid but concern.
Teachers are like angels..well,not all..but we do care about our students,right.
I am quite close with my form 6 ss.we always share stories and cakes and chocolates.
certain ss hv diff ways to appreciate their teachers.
u are a wonderful teacher,Rose.:)

Jay said...

keep up the noble job.

faikay said...

wouldn't your ex teachers like NH (think you know who i'm referring to) have a blast reading this :)