Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Greatest Gift of All...

I love old things, antiques.. if I may say.  I have an old husband, I drive an old car and I tell my children to call me IBU, something those who are in the Gen X would ask their kids to call them as oppose to the now favoured Mama or Ummi or Mummy.  Qayyum and Iman have been calling me IBU until last year when they started calling me Mum (damn cartoon network).  And so, I have been trying to teach Khalida who is 1 year and 5 months now to call me "Ibu" instead of "Mum".  However, her siblings' influence on her are far stronger than mine so Mum's the word. 

Whenever she sees me Mum would definitely come out from those cute little mouth of hers to my disappointment because in our English speaking household, I would love to preserve that part of Malay in me.  But as Qayyum would say in his defense.."We're English, so we have to call you Mum..not Ibu.  If we call you Ibu, then we would have to speak in Malay"  There I'm trapped because I have been forbidding them to speak in Bahasa...(smart kid!) So, whatever it is, Mum's the word.

While I was playing with her just this afternoon, I told her to look at me and every time I say that to her, she would cup my face with those two chubby hands of hers and plant a kiss on my mouth.  Today, she didn't ..instead of kissing me straight away, she looked into my eyes and gave me that very beautiful smile of hers that melts every pieces of me..and as I was looking back into her eyes, there it was with a single breath, out it came from her, "Bu..bu"  I couldn't believe my ears so I told her to repeat..Ibu..and instantly she replied IBU and to make it more sentimental, she kissed me on my lips.  I had been waiting for so long  to hear her utter the word  IBU that I longed for and finally she did it on my birthday!  So there friends and readers, I may not have received anything from that man I call husband, but to hear Khalida  calling me IBU is the greatest gift of all...that is the joy of motherhood.

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