Friday, October 9, 2009

An Ad Hoc Open House

My students told me they wanted to come over to my house today.  Since we are still in the Hari Raya mood, and not to forget that Deepavali is just around the corner, I decided to cook up a storm. (by my standards, that is) 

I made Penang Assam Laksa, Masak Lodeh and Nasi Himpit, ordered some Satay and for dessert was Bread Pudding and Vanilla Cupcakes topped with Chocolate Ganache.  Since I was informed of the visit 2 days ago, I prepared the kuah laksa in advance (yesterday) because a senior colleague told me the longer the gravy is the better it will taste and true it was. The laksa gravy was simply marvelous (hehehe, this is me blowing my own trumpet).

Initially,  I decided to cook just that, the laksa, but since I was in the cooking mood, I sacrificed my sleeping time and woke up early today to go to the market to buy the veggies for the kuah lodeh. As I have told my hubby that I would be cooking for extra, I told him to invite some of his friends but at 1 0'clock today he told me he forgot which got me pissed off and to vent my anger I made the bread pudding and also the cupcakes.  Has anyone ever discovered the secret to good tasting food? Well, I have and it is cooking when you're angry because the desserts were totally and sinfully delish!!!  

My students came at 3.30 pm although I did say to come at 4. Since I wasn't ready yet, I told them to go away to another place and not to come back at 4.  They came at 4.10 and ate like must be the good food working its magic( me again...blowing my trumpet)!  I called my friends whom  I know would not resist an invite  and thankfully they came to help me gobble up what was left. The open house ended just before Maghrib and I was spent.  

I have to thank Nining though, my very hardworking new helper, because if it weren't for her, I wouldn't be able to gloat about the good food I prepared with my own bare 'eczema'ed hands in this blog.  Don't get me wrong though, I did sweep the floor, vacuum the carpets, wiped the tables and all to help her. Haik..that is ironic eh?  She's the helper and I'm helping won't hurt to be good. 

To all readers, I did save you guys some desserts for your eyes to feast on. Enjoy!!

Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Topping
    Bread Pudding and Chocolate Custard sauce
 (what's left of it)


Fely said...

Those cupcakes look sooo sedap! Scarlet, kuah lodeh tu apa ah? Macam familiar tapi tak kenal pun. Tahun depan mesti lebih ramai students datang dengar cerita dari students yg datang this raya!

fiza said...

letak la recipies for ur cuppies & bread pudding tuh!! indeed it looked sinfully tasty...:))
do come & visit my blog:

Audrey Wiles said...

hehe... ;-) well done. now if u could only fedex it to kk sabah. lol.. i'm glad we read each other's blogs... in the past circumstances never gave us a chance to be friends, but i'm glad the internet has broken down barriers. ;-) would be interesting to know what u thought of me then! haha..

Doria Robert Kawen said...

hmm..I know u must be a good cook cause ur Mom pun memang hebat!! Fely,kuah lodeh tu mcm sayur campurlah but cook with santan.the partner-nasi himpit.

Yana said...

Look so delicious...kelakar la u kata dessert jd lg sedap when u made them with anger!^^Mine K Fida,my donuts jd lg gebu dan sedap bila I buat dlm keadaan sedih..mcm kalu rindu ke..sakit hati ke..atau nk bg kwn2 yg nk balik mesia for good ke..heehee=))

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

HAhaha...yes, when it is mixed with emotions, it would turn out better I long as you are not forced in to it! That I suppose would make the food taste horrible, and yes, I am speaking from experience.