Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today, she is in much pain...

I went to Kak Hasmah's house to visit her for the 2nd time this week with another colleague who also loves her very much.  The journey to her house was a sombre one and the dark, murky sky seemed to confirm our instincts that something bad was  happening. Yes, something did happen for she had been taken to the emergency unit at Hospital Kemaman 30 minutes before we reached her home.

We went back home thinking of repaying our visit tomorrow but along the way back it started to rain.  I have always had this association of rain to death especially when I know that someone is ill and so I pleaded Kak Masz who also had the same feeling to turn back and visit her at the hospital instead.  I hate hospitals, I really do and I hate to visit ill friends because I don't know how to bring myself but today I felt that I had to put my hatred for hospitals and illnesses aside in the name of friendship.

We went to her ward and already there were a huge number of visitors which potrayed how much Kak Hasmah is loved.  People were crying and reading the Yassin and I feared that she might have passed on but as I looked at her on that bed, she was still alive. Her husband was there reciting Koranic verses in her ears as he rubbed her gently and lovingly. One thing for sure is, today she is battling for her life.  She was grunting silently and kept repeating the word "sakit" which means pain unlike Sunday when she only lied on her bed and tried to sleep.

The doctor says that she is now in a critical condition, suffering from liver malfunction and  the cancer, not satisfied with what it has consumed of her has also greedily spread to her brain.  I know her loved ones are now counting the seconds they have left with her and I know they fear the worst to come..

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