Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A parody of my ME TIME.

Hubby :  Let's go out, just the two of us.  I know you need new pairs of shoes.
Me : Okay..great!      

So began our journey  today to Kuantan without the kids to make the dream of having my ME TIME come true!  Boy, would it not be pleasurable for some who have kids to be able to just leave the kids at home with the helper and to have a jolly good time without having to bring the baby bag filled with diapers, baby wipes, extra pairs of clothes for 3 and not to forget their milk, well in my case 2 different types of formula.  It would also have brought some immeasurable excitement to go shopping without having to think of others' needs but your own, to be able to flip thru each and every one of the blouses on the racks and to satisy your lust for shoes and to try on every single pair that tickles your fancy.  Wouldn't you desire that?  Well, I do ALL the time and today I got it but was I happy? NOPE!!! Not at all!!!

When we arrived at East Coast Mall, I was like a child in Dylan's Candy Bar with loads of money to spend and to top it all, without any parent to say no to this or no to that! This is haven, I thought thinking of the shoes I would buy, the bras and undies, a tube of mascara from Estee Lauder and oh ya, a new pot from Tefal.  I rushed immediately to the cosmetic counter to have my first purchase when I saw this cute little girl with 2 ponytails on her head. Hmm, girls are adorable aren't they in their summer dresses embroidered with roses and lilies in hues of pink and yellow.  Yeah, Iman loves wearing dresses and beautiful sandals to match it.  Iman, my second child uninvitedly came across my mind!  Then when I thought of her, the two other kids at home started to haunt my thoughts with their adorable antics of sibling rivalries and bawls.  That was what kept my mind going ..What on heavens  were they doing?  Are they fine? Do they miss me? And then..it was all about the three rascals I intentionally left at home.  My mind was glued on them and nothing else.  SHIT!!  This is MEEEEEEEEE time!

I pulled my husband up to the 1st floor where the lady's department was for my lingerie, (it's been a while since Hubby dearie got hold on new sexy negligees)with the objective of shaking my kids off my mind but when I reached the first floor, I scurried to the fourth when I saw blaring signs of discounts on children's wear. 70%, 50%, Buy 1 FREE 1.  My heart skipped 10 beats! This deal is a steal!  Qayyum needs new playtime attire, Iman needs some more pjs and Khalida's bottle is already a year old. Need these stuffs pronto!  And that was it, my ME time turned THEIR time AGAIN! All the purchases I made today was for them, the citizens of Munchkinland.

I spent the whole afternoon buying things for my dear kids and none for me.  Seeing this my Hubby brought me to a handbag shop but looking at the price of a Bonia bag, it nearly gave me a seizure.  With that kind of money on the price tag, I could buy a pair of shoes for each of my offsprings and remembering that Aidilfitri was just around the corner I decided to do just that, so off to Crocs I went.

It was time for the breaking of fast and we ate pizza at Pizza Hut.  Hubby loves chatting during meal time but this time he did not because all I had to say about was how the kids love eating pizza and how Qayyum had already promised to take me and Iman on a date to Pizza Hut this week.  I told Hubby that I felt guilty for eating there when I promised my two kids that I would bring them this Thursday, then I kept on yapping and yapping and yapping about the kids....

We finished our meal and had 1 hour and 30 minutes more before the shops would start closing down.  Hubby wanted to bring me to Starbucks for coffee and in normal times I would have jumped at the offer but not today because all I wanted to do was to go back home to be with my Mini Mees.  Hubby smirked and  warned me to never complain about me not having time to do things for me.  Hahahah...yeah right! As if I do..(do I?)

That's the glory about being a Mum.  You complain all the time about not having time to do things for yourself or to satisfy your flaming desire to burn a hole in your pocket but when God grants you the chance to do so, you give it all to your kids.  It makes me wonder all the time, when will I ever get the chance to buy my things, to spend hours and hours on a shopping spree, to visit jewellery stores etc, etc but it doesn't sadden me at all when I don't have it because while I want to fulfill my own wants and needs, it gratifies me even more when I put my husband and children above anything else.  Think on the bright side, while some don't have much left in their spending account, I have still got tons to waste.  So, Louis Vuitton here I come...maybe ten years from today that is!

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