Saturday, September 19, 2009

The feeling of Eidulfitri..

Tomorrow marks the end of the fasting month with the celebration of the first day of Syawal, a celebration of the victory for most muslims who have succeeded to conquer their desires and lusts for a whole month.  A myriad of people will be going to the mosque in their latest fashion of Baju Kurungs and Baju Melayus.  Glitters of gold and silver, diamonds and emeralds decorating the bodies of the women, young and old, massive amounts of food accompanied by chit chats among the cousins and uncle and aunts while the children are nowhere to be seen for they are in search of Raya packets from the surrounding houses whether they are known or not...what a sight to be seen, what a feeling to be felt! 

This year my Raya will be celebrated in Segamat, the hometown of my husband. Although I would love it more than anything else to be with my parents and siblings but I can't help to feel the excitement of Raya here, especially at my husband's grandmother's house where tiny faces of the cousins seem to follow you everywhere you go, their laughters ringing in your ears and the shouts  from my children tickled by their uncles and aunts who are merely 4 years older than they are  seem to fill the air.  Sadness happens to be non existing here and happiness is the only feeling you are allowed to have!

However, in the moments of exhiliration, I just can't help to run away from the  feeling of longing...longing for my parents and siblings and no matter how better  Segamat is in terms of celebrating this festive day, the quietness and loneliness of Selayang where my relatives have forgotten the way to our home, where my childrens' voices are the only melody to fill our house, Sg. Tua is still the place where I want to be because sharing the laughters and tears with my own family is everything that I can hope for and it is more satisfying than 100 people coming in and out of a wooden house in Labis.  Oh, that is the feeling of Raya..

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Doria Robert Kawen said...

geez..u know what,I miss ur house at Sg Tua Selayang..

btw..slmt hr raya and if u balik to selayang,salam to everyone..