Saturday, August 29, 2009

Out in the Open...

I have never imagined that I would be writing blogs, never for once has the thought crossed my mind even.  Don't get me wrong for I have nothing against bloggers or blogging but it's just that in this world of blogging there is a myriad of bloggers who are very apt and precise when it comes to jotting down their thoughts as compared to me who would fare as mediocre. But then, I was dumped into reality when a friend enlightened me by saying "whoever would want to google you and look up if you have a blog".

True indeed, whoever would???  I am only a minor character wandering on this stage.  Thus, considering the fact that no one would ever thought of googling me, therefore I have braved myself to go out into the open with the stories of my simple life, in my own simple way, using my own simple language.  I am here to amuse myself  if not others, but if my ramblings are deemed as irrelevant or uninteresting, then who is to be blamed..neither me nor you.  So, enjoy..

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